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  • Solo tengo muy buenas palabras para IED una escuale muy buena en cuanto a lo que tiene que ver sobre diseño y moda, potencian la creatividad del alumno y su ubicación esta muy buena.


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Learn techniques in product design and exceed your expectations with this Undergraduate Degree In Interior Design course offered by Emagister and IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.

The Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design (240 ECTS) prepares professionals who are capable of planning internal spaces, from a private house, a commercial space, a stand for a fair or an exhibition space, as well as furniture or special pieces thanks to their basic knowledge on product design.

This course offers an educational path that teaches students to plan internal spaces, which respond to the physical and functional features of spaces surrounding an individual. To do so, there’s a study of analysis on functional and ergonomic needs, and emotional needs: to feel welcome and safe through the space. At the same time, communicational aspects take relevance, both in spatial and motion graphics, bearing in mind the mobility of the final user in the designed space. This activity blends creative contribution with research on new trends, usage of new materials and technological applications, always respecting the environment.

Learn these and other competencies of the program, following the instructions on the button request information and our advisors will be able to contact you.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: Students learn to observe trends and how styles evolve in social and cultural contexts, and also to comprehend and interpret the specific exigencies and expectations of each client, while encouraging creativity and expressive freedom, and respecting the demands from a future user and the technical problems that may be involved. These abilities arise thanks to acquiring a great sensitivity towards projects and an interdisciplinary culture.

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?: The center will contact you once you send your information through the form.

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Victor Garcia

Sobre el curso: Solo tengo muy buenas palabras para IED una escuale muy buena en cuanto a lo que tiene que ver sobre diseño y moda, potencian la creatividad del alumno y su ubicación esta muy buena.
Curso realizado: Julio 2022
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  • Proyectos europeos
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  • Rhino
  • 3D Max
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  • Desarrollo técnico
  • Diseño interior
  • Proyecto técnico
  • Diseño y decoración
  • Proyecto decorativo
  • Funcionalidad del espacio
  • Planos constructivos
  • Representaciones tecnicas


The studies undertaken in the first year focus on acquiring the basic concepts of interior design, as well as the project methodology and culture.

The second year is centred around developing the student’s creativity through a more individual approach, delving deeper into the project culture and introducing the key computer software related to the specialisation.

In the third year, more technical and complex projects are developed with models and real costs. New materials are also studied and work is carried out in transversal teams including students of Interior, Product and Transport Design.

During the fourth year, students choose their professional profile and undertake a compulsory internship within a company. The final project is also carried out with real companies.

Interior Design

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